Wednesday 3 February                     ‘How do garden historians research garden history?’

Puriton, Somerset, The Arts Society (Sedgemoor).

Wednesday 21 April                          ‘Gardens and houses of Tudor and Stuart times’.

Sheffield, The Arts Society (Hallamshire)

Thursday 13 May                               ‘Coton Manor garden: winner of the People’s Favourite Garden’.

Garden Museum, London                    Livestreaming event: Ann Benson and Susie Pasley-Tyler

Thursday 27 May                                ‘A History of Coton Manor and its Garden’

Rugby, The Arts Society (Rugby)

Tuesday 9 November                         ‘Raglan Castle and Troy House’.

The Gardens Trust                               Zoom lecture in the Archaeology course.


Monday 7 February                            ‘Opulent Royal and Courtier Tudor Gardens: a Richness of Different                                                                 Art Forms’

Dulverton, The Arts Society (Exmoor)

Thursday 10 March                             ‘Cambridge College Gardens: their history from the thirteenth                                                                            century

Northleach, The Arts Society (Gloucestershire)

Wednesday 6 April                              ‘How do Garden Historians Research Garden History?’

Puriton, The Arts Society (Sedgemoor)

Tuesday 12 April                                 ‘Cambridge College Gardens: their history from the thirteenth


Cheltenham, The Arts Society (Cheltenham)

Wednesday 20 April                            ‘‘Coton Manor, Northamptonshire: a history of its garden

Northampton, The Arts Society (Northamptonshire)

Thursday 12 May                                 ‘Raglan, Troy and Badminton’

Cardiff, The Arts Society (Cardiff)



Tuesday 10 January                           ‘Raglan, Troy, Badminton: the houses and gardens of the Somerset

                                                              family (Dukes of Beaufort)’

Tetbury, The Arts Society (Malmesbury)

Thursday 16 February                        ‘Anne of Denmark, wife of James I/VI: her passions for architecture,                                                                  gardens and jewellery'

Knaphill, The Arts Society (Surrey Heath)