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A History of Coton Manor and its Garden

What do others say about this book?

‘I liked particularly the detailed lists of all the plants in each border, which will help keen gardeners to produce a similar look in their own gardens'.

(Amazon reviewer)


‘this is a brilliant book, very well written, I would recommend it to anyone’.

(Amazon reviewer)


‘Coton Manor has clearly won the heart of the author, who has known it for many years and her readers are left with the refreshing view that the gardens are both impressive and homely, and that the family’s enthusiasm for maintaining a hands-on approach is key to their continuing success’.



‘It is rare to find a garden that has been in one family for nearly a century and rarer still to be able to follow that garden’s history and growth over the years, as one generation handed over to another…'

Selected by THE GARDENS TRUST for Publication and Review, late Summer, 2015.

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