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-Fixed shortcuts left after a manual virus scan -Preview of shortcuts with a risk of being dangerous -Portable, portable... Siagri S.r.l. is a company that sells and/or installs computer software. We deliver high-quality products that help you organize and manage your daily life and productivity on the Computer. 0 comments Register Login Forgot your password? Your password has been sent to: By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners. If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. Privacy(ANSA) - Turin, December 15 - A Latvian woman found guilty of selling homeopathic cancer cures, a traditional medicine that is illegal in Italy, has been sentenced to two years in prison. The order, handed down by the Turin judiciary, is the longest prison sentence ever handed down for the illicit sale of homeopathic medicines in Italy. Rita Bessone's lawyer said that the sentence did not reflect the gravity of the case. "We are consulting our client and are evaluating our possible options". Sally Abrahamson can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @sallygab. Kate O'Neill can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @oneillKTheS. Dan Balz can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @DanBalz. Read more about the 2012 campaign from the Globe's archives.Q: "TypeError: classdescr._type is not a function" when using instance.describe() When I try to run var ci_ds = new Perdue_R_Domestic_Product(); console.log(ci_ds.fields['description']); var instance = ci_ds.get(); instance.describe(); or console.log(instance.describe()); I get the error TypeError: ci_ds._type is not a function ci_ds._type is Object A: do something like ci_ds.describe a5204a7ec7

•Scan unused shortcuts on Windows for suspicious content and activity. •Links identified as dangerous are excluded from the destination links list. •Sorts all shortcuts to find all shortcuts that include invalid addresses. •Allows you to remove all short cuts if found, broken or dangerous. •Scanner does not scan the shortcuts as you create them. Slide to Unlock The Slide to Unlock app is a fun alternative to the more common PINs and passwords. With it, you can access your phone in a wink by flicking a slide panel in front of the keys. Features: • Unlock your phone in a blink of an eye by sliding the panel. • Unlock apps in a blink of an eye. • Always see what password is being entered. • Replace your passwords with our Slide to Unlock. • Save and read your passwords from a file. • Randomly enter complex passwords so that they are difficult for others to crack. • You can share your passwords with your friends, family and colleagues. • Use random passwords for every password field, so that it’s harder for an attacker to guess them. Safe Encase Safe Encase is a password keeper that secures your information, keeps them out of sight and keeps them safe for a very long time. It is perfect for the following use cases: • Keep your passwords and other confidential data safe, secure and always available when you need them. • Keep an offline copy of your passwords. • Keep an offline copy of your passwords and other confidential data safe, secure and always available when you need them. • Keep an offline copy of your passwords. • Store your passwords securely with two-factor authentication (2FA). • Use a password manager with your own online password safe. • Store, access, and manage your passwords in a safe and secure manner. Features: • Clutter and junk icons are permanently removed from the list • Hide icons easily by making them either private or se • Cleans and keeps updated. Total Cleaner One of the first things you do after installing a computer is to wipe the hard drive and remove all the files. It is usually done either by pressing delete key combination or by running a file shredding tool. However, most of these tools are slow and tedious. Total Cleaner is a tool that uses a different approach. You can schedule a time to run the software automatically on your

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